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cervical spondylosis
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Cervical Spondylosis

cervical spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis is degeneration of the disks and

vertebrae in the neck, putting pressure on (compressing)

the spinal cord in the neck.


  • Osteoarthritis is the usual cause.

  • The first symptoms are often an unsteady, jerky walk and pain and loss of flexibility in the neck.

  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computed tomography (CT) can confirm the diagnosis.

  • Treatment includes a soft neck collar, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), muscle relaxants, and sometimes surgery.

Cervical spondylosis usually affects middle-aged and older people.

It is the most common cause of spinal cord dysfunction among

people older than 55.

   As people age, osteoarthritis becomes more common.

It causes vertebrae in the neck to degenerate. When bone

in the vertebrae attempts to repair itself, it overgrows,

producing abnormal outgrowths of bone (spurs) and narrowing

the spinal canal in the neck. (The spinal canal is the passageway

that runs through the center of the spine and contains the spinal cord.)

The disks between vertebrae also degenerate, decreasing the

cushioning that otherwise protects the spinal cord. As a result,

the spinal cord may be compressed, causing dysfunction.

Some people are born with a narrow spinal canal. In them,

compression due to spondylosis may be more severe.

Often, the spinal nerve roots (the part of spinal nerves located

next to the cord (see Biology of the Nervous System:

How the Spine Is Organized) are also compressed.

     Occasionally in people with osteoarthritis, flexing the neck

causes one vertebra to slip over the vertebra next to it

(a disorder called spondylolisthesis). As a result, the

spinal canal is suddenly narrowed, and each time the

neck moves, the spinal cord is slightly but repeatedly injured.


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